Home Bistro: Simple, Sensuous Fare in the Comfort of Your Own Kitchen

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Are you tired of coming home after a long day’s work to an uninspired dinner that barely tides you over until morning? Are you fed up with crowded restaurants, surly waiters, and overpriced meals? Acclaimed cookbook author Betty Fussell offers an accessible and exciting alternative in Home Bistro: Simple, Sensuous Fare in the Comfort of Your Own Kitchen. This creative collection of nearly 100 delectable, nohassle recipes celebrates being the master of your own culinary destiny. Learn how Orange-Cranberry Soup, Mustard-Lemon Linguine with Asparagus, or perhaps even Charred Shrimp Poblano can be on the menu of your own satisfying and delicious home-cooked meal in minutes.As practical and precise as she is unflaggingly innovative, Fussell understands that many of us don’t have the time to shop for, plan, and cook elaborate menus every night of the week. Home Bistro features Betty Fussell’s favorite recipes from her previous books on home cooking, Eating In and Home Plates, as well as more than 40 entirely new recipes to further tempt the palate. From appetizing “Starters and Nibbles” to mouthwatering “Afterwards,” most of the recipes are one-dish meals designed to serve two, but they can be easily doubled or tripled for larger groups. Peruse these pages and discover how you can whip up incredible dishes in no time, most often employing a single pot, one knife, and a blender or food processor. Even beverage decisions are made easy with selections by wine experts David Rosengarten and Joshua Wesson.

Fussell offers tips on how to make everyday -shopping fast and painless, with concise advice on stocking the pantry to eliminate last-minute frustrations; how to be imaginative with the seemingly unexciting ingredients you have on hand; how to substitute ingredients for a new twist on a basic recipe. She even recommends complementary accompaniments and interesting presentation ideas for various dishes.

Home Bistro is about simple pleasures. Once you’ve tried these recipes, you too will be smitten by the aroma of freshly snipped basil, the velvet of coconut cream, the lively bite of jalapeƑo peppers, and the endless other new food discoveries that await youin your own kitchen.


From Booklist
Addressing harried nine-to-fivers, Fussell argues persuasively that the home bistro is the ideal way to cook for yourself, stressing ingredients not technique. With the caveat that this volume is not an entirely new work–additional recipes have been added to two previously published collections, Eating In (1986) and Home Plates (1990)–she delivers the goods. The majority of the recipes are for one-dish meals for two, but vegetables, fish, poultry, and meats are all covered nicely. Whether it’s pan-grilled portobello mushrooms or pasta with artichokes and olives, the recipes are uniformly enticing. For those who like to cook but have grown weary of what Fussell calls the opera bouffe of grand cuisine, this volume may bring a little fun back to the kitchen. Bill Ott

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