I Hear America Cooking

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One of our most revered food writers presents the rich history and lore of American food, as experienced in her travels to six distinct regions of the country. In each of these regions, readers find communal rites and tribal dishes appropriate to the ecology–each with its own distinctive flavor, smell and feel.


From Publishers Weekly
In her second study of American cuisine, Fussell (Masters of American Cookery explores the culinary traditions of six sections of the country: the Southwest desert, the Louisiana delta, the Carolinas, the New England coast, the Great Lakes of the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. She distills information gathered from historical cookbooks and conversations with cooks across the country into recipes reflecting regional usage but tinged with her own preferences.

From Library Journal
Though it does contain numerous recipes, this 1984 volume is much more than a simple cookbook. Fussell serves up American cooking almost as a sociological study, including essays on the areas where the food originated as well as the backgrounds of the people who created the dishes. This cultural and culinary smorsgasbord offers a tasty collection of recipes as well as a great slice of Americana.

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